Wax Services

In my Clinic I use the finest quality of wax, bof : hard wax(no strips) great for sensitive skin or hypoallergenic soft wax (with strips). I start by preparing the skin prior to waxing with a, hospital grade sanitizer to minimize cross contamination & infection. The active ingredient in Micro-Defense Gel is effective against a wide range of viruses, bacteria and fungi. The Micro-Defense Gel is naturally derived and non-toxic. It can be applied safely to the skin without harmful side effects. Adittionally, the natural emollients within the Gel condition the skin to prevent irritation and dryness. The service is concluded by the application of a calming, anti-inflammation cream and  a compress with essential oils.

Please Note!

  • If you are currently shaving, please give yourself about 2 weeks for the hair to regrow so that you can have a "cleaner" wax.
  • Some medications and health issues may make waxing uncomfortable and unadvisable.
  • If you are using products such as, but not limited to; Retin-A, Renova, Adapelene, Retinol, Hydroxylacid, please be advised that you may not be a viable waxing candidate. If you are using Accutane or have been off this medication for less than 4 years, you may not be a viable waxing candidate. Aforementioned medicines are commonly used in acne or resurfacing treatments. 

Wax Services

Eye brow  $30  
Lip     $15
Chin              $15
Half arm             $40 
Full Arm $55 
Underarm $30 
Back  $50 & up 
Bikini  $50 
Lower Leg  $45 
Upper Leg $60 
Full Leg                  $95                     

Tinting Services

Eye Lash Tining       $35
Eye Brow Tining   $35
Lash & Brow  $60

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