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Wendy E. Glassman,Ph.D.
Child,Adolescent,Adult,and Marital Psychoterapy.
Currently my private psychotherapy practice includes the treatment of psychological distress including:Substance Abuse, Depression, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Infertility issues, Phobia and psychological factors affecting amedical condition. Such conditions often impinge upon a marriage or relationships with significant people. I often meet with couples and familirs to address these issues and increase awarness fo the difficulties the patient may be experiencing. A psycho-educational approach is often helpful.
Many of my patients are currently taking medication prescribed by their medical doctor and/or psychiatrist. Recent clinical documentation strongly supports the combination of medicine and "talk therapy" to reduce symptoms and address underlying issues. Most patients strongly benefit from psychotherapy intervention, which can often be brief and symptom focused.
I assess children and adolescents ADD, ADHD, Conduct Disorders, Eating Disorders as well as childhood depression and anxiety. These symptoms are often misdiagnosed in youngsters and require a complete evaluation and history for an accurate diagnosis to be formulated. Treatment team approach can often involve family, teachers and medical professionals.

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