Gift Certificates

You can easily purchase a gift certificate through one of the following methods. Please click on your preferred method for details.

  1. In-Store pick up
  2. Mail Delivery
  3. Payment Methods

In-Store Pick Up

If you live close to Gosha’s Healthy Skin Clinic or are driving through the beautiful town of Huntington, you can easily pick up a gift certificate in person. Simply call in to arrange a time of pick up, and the gift certificate will be waiting for you in a beautifully packaged gift bag. In a situation where Gosha is in treatment with a client, payment and pick up can be pre-arranged by any means most convenient for you!

Mail Delivery

We understand that some of our valued clients live further away and that it would be inconvenient for them to purchase a gift certificate in person. That is why we now offer mail delivery of gift certificates! You can now give the most gracious gift of health, beauty, and relaxation from the warmth of your own house!

  • Telephone Order: Simply call Healthy Skin Clinic and place your order with Gosha. Your gift will be prepared and shipped within one business day. In a situation where Gosha is unable to pick up the telephone, please leave your name, telephone number, and the best time to reach you. We promise that we will return your call as soon as possible
  • E-Mail Order: If you’re having a busy day and are unable to wait for a call back, simply e-mail us your order to healthyskinclinic@gmail.comand we will prepare and ship your gift within one business day. Please include the following information in your e-mail:
    • Your name
    • Name of the recipient
    • The Service or amount you would like to give
    • Address to which you would like the gift certificate shipped (please specify if you would like to receive the gift certificate or if you would like to ship directly to the recipient)
    • Preferred Payment Method

Payment Methods

We offer various payment methods in order to make your purchase as easy and convenient as possible.

  • Cash: Only for In-Store Pick up
  • Credit Card: If ordering by phone, or in-store pick up you can purchase the gift certificate using any card except American Express. If ordering by phone please wait for Gosha to speak with you in person.
  • Check: You can easily pay by check if picking up your gift certificate in person. If you prefer to receive your gift certificate through mail, you can mail us your check to the address found here. We trust and value our customers so much that we will still ship the gift certificate the day we receive your order!
  • PayPal: We now also offer the convenience and security of PayPal for mailed orders. Simply click the button below, than include your name and the amount or service in the gift certificate. On the paypal page write the dollar amount for which the gift certificate is for.
Name and Type of Service

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