A few words on Holistica from Dr. Thomas K. Szulc, M.D.

Being a medical physician specializing in alternative / biological medicine for the last 25 years and working within a new paradigm of quantum medicine, I often encountered questions from my patients regarding cosmetics. These patients are mostly sophisticated and health conscious women and men who go to great lengths to care for their bodies, and their beauty regimen is part of this process. Subscribing to a natural approach to healing, they understand that proper health begins with taking care of one’s self from the inside–out. Nutritious foods, plenty of exercise, sufficient water intake are all part of the basis for good health and healthy skin. However, people generally are not aware of the possibility of sabotaging this lifestyle through the use of certain cosmetics that they place daily on their skin (especially the face). The same way that this process works inside-out, it works outside-in. Whatever we place on our skin is being absorbed and carried into our system. What does this mean? This translates into the fact that the numerous toxins which are commonly found in cosmetics made from synthetic and harmful chemical substances (e.g. petro-chemicals, parabens, heavy metals, or animal by-products) will be absorbed through the skin and into our system. This is why it is vitally important to be very selective with the kinds of cosmetics that we use. On the request of my patients who discovered Holistica products, I tested them with regard to their toxicity and ingredients used in their production. I was pleasantly surprised that they all tested as life supporting products, often having regenerating qualities, and no toxicity. This is not an easy task to achieve; I tested other cosmetics (many of which were very expensive and of well-known designer names) and they never stood up to the task. They were simply of commercial quality, and although nicely packaged and of beautiful fragrance, they did not offer the quality and healing properties that Holistica offers. Even more important, they often contained harmful substances. Considering all of the above, I highly recommend the natural line of cosmetics that Holistica offers. Their claims are merit based and their clients are the best testimonials that Holistica products make a difference.   


Thomas K. Szulc, M.D.

Medical Director,

Manhattan Advanced Medicine 2004-2010

Innovative Medicine, 2010-Present

Former Visiting Professor at Yale University Medical School


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